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Inspiring and Empowering Minority Males to Become the Leaders of Tomorrow

The IDeaL Education Foundation provides minority males opportunities that enables them to excel and pursue leadership opportunities and be a part of the next generation of world leaders. Our leadership programs are designed to equip Black male youth with leadership skills, positive racial identity, and life skills for success.

Our Leadership Programs

As part of our efforts, we have established the Leadership Development Institute. Each year, the IDeaL Foundation sponsors several youth males from various backgrounds to participate in our Leadership Development Institute. We believe that these courageous, talented, and innovative individuals can take up the mantle of leadership. They can lead the rebuilding of American society in stabilizing community, eliminating racial injustice, and building a bright and promising future for our people.

Here’s what you can expect from our Leadership Development Institute:

Parliamentary Procedures

Conflict Resolution

Public Speaking

Models of Leadership

Community & Civic Engagement

Personal Development

Educational Enhancement

Emotional Intelligence

Why Choose the Leadership Development Institute?

Participation in the Leadership Development Institute  helps you tap into a wide variety of useful resources and connects you with people who can help you  achieve academic,professional, and life success.


Work with Leaders and mentors who can enhance your personal growth and help cultivate your capacity to drive change


Engage with like-minded students and explore new opportunities for innovation and growth


Feel empowered and gain access to tools and resources that help you tap into your leadership potential


Discover tried and tested pathways that help you navigate your academic career in a successful manner followed by a rewarding professional career


Learn the essential leadership skills needed to build more equitable, inclusive, and diverse spaces and elevate minorities


Learn about value-based approaches that enable ethical leadership and allow you to serve people in an honest, authentic, fair, and trustworthy manner

Lend Your Support to the Leadership Development Institute

We need your support to make this possible. Donate to us today and join our efforts. Every bit of support can make a world of difference.